The Modern Mystic App

we're building a monastery for your pocket

Historically, Christians who wanted an experiential faith, but found themselves as citizens of a global superpower, turned to monasteries. There, in a set apart community, they would engage daily practices drawing them into relationship with God.

However, all too often, communities that were set apart failed to re-enter the world they came from. The mystics vanished and failed to live as activists of the Kingdom.

Today, technology offers an opportunity to change this trend. I have a dream of an app called Modern Mystic. It functions as a monastery in your pocket, with guided courses, prayers, meditations, and readings based on a daily/weekly rule that you develop.

But it doesn’t stop there. Instead, it provides opportunities to interact with other users and, because faith is ultimately incarnational, it helps you develop offline communities for fellowship, spiritual formation, and service.

Sounds interesting? Would you like to help make the app move from dream to reality?